Tree Felling works at Jubilee Park

jubilee park trees

The latest info from Highland Council regarding the Tree felling works about to begin at Jubilee Park in Dingwall

The felling works will start on the 5/3/18.

For the Tree felling works to take place safely the section of path adjacent to the poplars will need to be closed. The path will only be closed when work is taking place and will be open once the contractor has finijubilee park treesshed for the day. No work takes place at the weekends. A diversion through Jubilee Park can be taken to gain access back onto the path.  To mitigate for the loss of the poplars we are planning on replanting more suitable trees and we are in discussion with the council’s forestry officer regarding this. As mentioned previously the Poplars are rapidly declining in condition with extensive deadwood, broken limbs and decay evident. Because of this they are more susceptible to falling, especially during periods of high winds, and causing damage to the flood embankment. By removing the poplars this will also improve the condition of the existing horse chestnut trees. Horse chestnut trees are less susceptible to wind damage and we do not believe there will be a negative impact to the embankment by retaining them and replanting with a similar type of tree.Thanks to Duncan Sharp from the HC Flood Risk Management Team for this update.


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