DCDC LOGOThe Dingwall Community Development Company was formed to encourage and participate in the regeneration and positive development of the town of Dingwall to the benefit of the Community.

The development company is a registered charity (Scottish Charity No 047653) and currently has 5 directors-

Janet Bowen (Chair)

Nigel Greenwood (Treasurer)

Robin Lingard (Secretary)

Debbie Downie

Richard Lockett

There is also sub-committee -Project Planning Group.

There are 30 ordinary members and 4 associate members.

New members or enquiries are always welcome;- please email robin@kinnairdie.co.uk

We are currently focusing on projects relating to the High Street Closes and a Heritage Trail, although we continue to keep in mind the redevelopment of the Town Hall/Museum complex as being a project we would like to tackle in the future.